The purpose of this notice is to provide information about trades using TREND indicators.

Risk is an integral part of trading. Trading on the stock market can lead to losses. The purpose of this Notice is to provide an investment representative with an understanding of the risks. By reading and confirming the Notice, the Buyer confirms that he is fully aware of the fact that the main risk is market risk. The buyer himself discovers and makes a decision and is fully responsible for these decisions.

The Buyer confirms that he is aware of the fact that, due to circumstances, the indicator may suspend its activity, which may lead to difficulties in accessing the indicator. The list of these circumstances is numerous and includes, but is not limited to:
Technogenic and natural emergencies;·

Shutdown of various types of daily activities;·

Suspension of communication services;

Suspension or prohibition of operations by public authorities, etc.

The Buyer confirms that he understands the risk of non-refund of funds transferred for the use of indicators.

The Buyer understands and agrees and confirms that:·

The seller cannot give any additional promises and guarantees for the operation of this or that indicator.·

Trading results and success directly depend on the buyer.

By confirming the Notice, the buyer confirms that he carefully read everything written above, and also understands all the types of risks listed above and the fact that this Notice does not disclose information about all the risks of a set of various actions on the exchange market.