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Optimize your trading and increase your profits

Powerful trading indicators that will help you maximize your potential and achieve your goals.

The direction of entry into the transaction

Now there is no need to think in which direction to open a deal. The direction indicator will do it for you.

Entry points to the deal

Determined the direction — enter into the transaction. The indicator will show at what point it is best to open a deal.

Risk management

Until the transaction is closed, it is not considered successful. The indicator will tell you where to set a stop loss, put a take profit and when to close a position.

Take training on how to work with the indicator

Training course

When you activate the first month, you get an additional 1 week of access and a training course on the indicator, which includes tests and homework

  • How to determine the direction of entry into the transaction
  • Where to open and close a deal
  • Risk management and expected profit

Simple and clear price plans

There is no automatic renewal, renew when you need to.

1 month


  • Training course
  • + 1 week at the first activation
  • Live Chat support

6 months


Скидка 10% $600

  • Training course
  • + 2 weeks at the first activation
  • Live Chat support

12 months


Save 16% $1200

  • Training course
  • + 1 month at the first activation
  • Live Chat support

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    Indicators — the loot button. The author is the creator of the loot button. I highly recommend it to everyone. How to fully familiarize yourself with the articles on the author’s website


    Anton Ivanov

    Thanks to the creator of this algorithm for the work!!! The indicator is simply gorgeous minimizes risks by at least 89% and, if desired, more, shows the structure of the market in more detail. But there is one big disadvantage of this indicator, IT is SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE TO TRADE WITHOUT IT …)



    I have not seen clearer and more accurate analytics, besides without water, anywhere else. Having tried many different indicators, I realized that this one is the best and most effective. But before using it, I advise you to study those. analysis, information is just there on the channel, as well as just to observe the market, at least for a few months. And then the result will not keep you waiting. 👍


    An1imit Sauron

    I have been using the indicator for more than a year, the result was not very good at first, but in the end I figured it out and now without it as without hands. It highlights the trend very well and gives excellent entry points. With the latest update, it has become better with stops. Thanks to Heinrich for his work



    Very cool strategy and indicators. With proper risk management and money management, 100% profitable business. Well done you!


    Sergey Dudarev

    I have been using the indicator for 3 months. I’ve been trading for six months. The indicator works, but my experience in trading is not enough. I can say for sure that if someone fails, it does not mean that this strategy does not work. Thanks for the indicator


    Dmitrii Dementyev


    How do I get access?
    To get access, you need to submit a request. The free period can be obtained for 3 days. Repeated receipt is not provided.
    How much profit did I get trading on the indicator?
    On average, trading with the indicator can earn from 40% to 300% per month. The profit depends on the instrument you are trading on. Each trading pair has its own profit percentage on different timeframes. The lower the timeframe, the shorter the trades and less% profit per trade. However, there are more such deals. It is worth considering the commission, the more transactions the more commission you will pay. The golden mean is important here.
    Technical specifications for the operation of the indicator
    Our instructor works on a tablet . An account on this site is required for the indicator to work. No additional subscriptions are required. The theme settings allow you to create separate navigation menus depending on the screen size. The video below shows how to access the mobile navigation menu display settings from the site editor:
    Will a beginner cope with the indicator?
    The indicator has an automatic adjustment function, you just need to turn them on and follow the trading strategy. Everyone who subscribed to the indicator gets access to the training platform and takes a training course on working with the indicator. The course involves studying theory, solving tests and completing homework that will be checked by the teacher.
    How long has the PRO Trading project been in existence?
    We started public activity in 2020, and also published the first indicator. During this time, a huge amount of information has been studied, more than 10 updates of the indicator have been made.
    In which markets does the indicator work?
    The indicator works in all markets. Namely: cryptocurrencies, stock market of stocks (American and Russian), Forex market (currencies), commodity market (wheat, corn, etc.), raw materials market (oil, etc.), metals (gold, etc.)
    For which timeframes is the indicator suitable?
    The indicator and its use strategy are designed for different timeframes. Classical usage implies the following timeframes: 5m, 1h, 4h, 1d.
    Is the indicator useful for professionals?
    Many experienced traders note the usefulness of the tool, some use the indicator and technical analysis. Most of them complement their strategy to increase profits.
    Where can I ask about the indicator?
    You can ask about the indicator in our telegram chat.
    What are the risks of trading on the indicator?
    Any trade is a risk. The indicator allows you to minimize risks, it is impossible to completely eliminate the risk of each transaction. By trading with the indicator, you increase the percentage of successful trades to 75-80%. This means that 7-8 out of 10 transactions will be successful. Losing trades are limited to stops and exit signals. If you observe the proportion of entry into the position, then successful transactions more than cover the unprofitable ones.