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List of basic indicators

Pro Traiding trend indicator


This is a combined indicator

The indicator consists of six instruments:

Trend Line (orange) — The slowest one. It indicates the dominant trend.

ROP RSI LINE (red) — the rate of price change, the second line by speed, shows the trend within the trend.

ROP RSI LINE 2 tf (yellow) — the same as the usual rop rsi, only on a different timeframe.

RSI LINE (purple) — shows the current price position.

FILTER LINE 5-8-15 (blue) — shows the best zones for a set of positions.

NEW FILTER ROP (green and orange) — works like ROP RSI LINE, gives signals earlier.

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Trend Indicator Lite 5-8-15м


Graphical display of trade entry points

This indicator takes data from Pro_Traiding trend indicator.

    It draws simple and clear signals on the chart and indicates the entry points.

    LITE 5-8-15m has a balance line for additional filtering of trade entry point.

    It colors bars based on filtering results.

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Trend Indicator lite 1h


Graphical display of the direction of entry into a trade

Trend Indicator lite 1h takes data from PRO_Traiding Trend Indicator. Vertical lines on the chart indicate the direction for entering.

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